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Live BIG

Leadership training

We help leaders be great… then teach them how to do the same for their people. It’s leadership development for forward-thinking organisations that truly care about their people.

The Big Idea

Live BIG® is a way of thinking and being that stops us playing small. It’s our obsessive belief that we all have a tonne of capability just waiting to be let out. That leaders have a unique opportunity to help people develop that capability. And that when they do, the result is empowered and engaged people.

  • “A leadership development methodology embraced by forward-thinking organisations”.

How it Works

6 Powers make Live BIG real. A blend of mindset and strategy skills that together develop the way we think, feel and act. Giving leaders the tools to bring out the best in themselves, coach their people and develop their teams…

How it Helps

Only 1 in 5 people are fully engaged at work – but when they are, they’re over 40% more productive. Engaged employees are: 76% better at meeting customer needs. 78% better at solving problems. And 87% happier in life. Companies with high engagement are 40% more profitable. What the world is telling us, is that when people love work… they add more value everywhere.

“The energy that has come out from our Live BIG work has been amazing. We have so much happening and I have done nothing to promote it – it’s all organic!”.


The single biggest thing that drives how people feel at work… is how they are led by their direct line manager. Live BIG® empowers leaders to be great, love work, and go beyond what they thought they were capable of. To coach their people to do the same. And to build teams that work, laugh and challenge together. Organisations that choose to put their people first achieve more, stand out and change their little bit of the world.

Stuart Baldwin

Justin Roxburgh

Why Live BIG for us?

Live BIG is the leadership methodology we introduced in our company over 5 years ago. It revolutionised the way we lead, feel, behave and serve our customers and our people. It is the force that drove us to be on the Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for list in 2017 and 2018, the Investors In People Gold Standard, and the Institute of Customer Service ServiceMark World Class accreditation. We love it so much we wanted to teach it too and are deeply proud and passionate to now be able to bring this work, that we know works, to the world.

We deliver Live BIG through workshops at your business location (UK wide) or our Somerset training centre, and it can be tailored to any number of people.

To hear more about how Live BIG could enhance the leadership capability in your business, please email or contact Rob Chilcott to arrange an initial discussion: