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Benefits of Synergy®

Synergy® makes tailored data available to the insurer, their customer and all service providers – and enables collaboration on the claim.

  • Customers are informed
  • Service providers can communicate and collaborate
  • Insurers have valuable management information.

Synergy® holds all information relevant to a claim. Tailored data is accessible and usable by the insurer, the customer, and all service providers working on the claim.

Synergy® keeps customers fully informed. They can track and manage their claim 24-7 through the TrackMyClaim® part of Synergy®. This is available via the web and a messaging app. Customers can use this to communicate to any of the parties involved in their claim.

Service providers:
Synergy® eliminates needless delays in the claims journey. All service providers working on a claim have complete access to information about that claim. Multiple service providers can communicate via the software in social media-style, and manage their own communication and schedules. This improves communication and collaboration across the entire supply chain.

Insurers and brokers:
Synergy® delivers end-to-end management information. Insurers and brokers have access to all information from all service providers in real time and all in one place. They can communicate with any party in the claim at any time, and can access useful reporting tools.

The insurer benefits from immediate savings through reduction of the lifecycle of the claim.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Digital interactive solution for the customer
  • Transparency for everyone involved in a claim
  • A lean workflow that reduces the touch points between all parties
  • Reduction in inactivity and ‘down time’
  • Provision of end-to-end management information
  • Visible and reportable audit trail
  • Overall reduction in the project lifecycle
  • Instils customer confidence.