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How Synergy® works

Synergy® gathers the data from a claim, and makes it available to all parties in real time.

  • Seamless end-to-end claims solution
  • Makes data available to all parties in real time
  • Fully scalable for any organisation
  • Stand-alone or integrated with other systems.

Synergy® is a secure multi-enterprise solution that gathers and holds data from the claims workflow. The platform enables all internal and external parties involved in a claim to create, retrieve and disseminate information. It is a seamless end-to-end solution, irrespective of how many parties are involved in the claim.

Within a claim much of the data will be mission-critical. Synergy® makes it available to relevant parties in real time. It does this through a social media-style interface featuring posting/messaging, image sharing, calendar and chat.

Synergy® is:

  • Scalable from a handful of users to literally thousands across multiple organisations
  • Accessible by users via server or remotely online via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Stand-alone but can be integrated with proprietary or third-party systems.