Important information regarding claim updates linked to recent storms

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Benefits of TrackMyClaim®

Hundreds of insurance customers – the policyholders – use TrackMyClaim® every day as the customer-facing portal for many of the UK’s leading insurers.

  • Tried and tested to deliver better customer service
  • Reduces the claims lifecycle
  • Can be fully integrated with Synergy®.

TrackMyClaim® has been designed by property and insurance experts to enhance claims service delivery for insurers. The social media interface is engaging for customers. They can see the status of their claim at any time, and they can message the team handling their claim using the messaging app or tools on the website.

The display of content is immediate so all parties with access to be portal are kept fully informed. The customer can upload photographs to the portal, and see photos, documents and reports from the claims team or service providers. These documents even feature hyperlinked words that provide the customer with a glossary of terms.

Benefits of TrackMyClaim® at a glance:

  • All details provided by the customer are stored in one place, so they only have to provide the same information once, no matter how many service providers are involved
  • Provides access to all service providers’ diaries
  • Provides access to a dynamic address book of the ‘claims team’ which includes all service providers
  • Enables sharing of photos, receipts and other relevant documents between all parties
  • Messaging facility allows the customer to message anyone at any point during the claim – an audit trail of all communications is stored
  • Keeps customer informed as to what they can expect to happen and when through dynamic and pictorial ‘what happens next’ videos
  • Intuitive and interactive app from the Apple Store to message anyone at any time through a mobile or tablet.

A new approach to handling flood claims:

The recent floods in Cumbria have had a dramatic effect on the insurance sector. We felt there were lessons to be learned from the Cumbria floods of 2005 and 2009, and this time round we demonstrated our innovation with two initiatives that brought about a step change in customer satisfaction while controlling costs with a reduction of the overall lifecycle of the claim – and this includes the use of TrackMyClaim®. Watch this video to find out more.