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Delivering a superior customer experience

A service focused on the satisfaction of the customer

Here at Claims Consortium Group we’re driven by the satisfaction of the end customer – the insurance policyholder. We want to reduce the effort the customer has to make during the claims process by improving communications between all parties involved.

Our extensive and experienced network of surveyors and contractors along with our claims handling teams ensures that customers are fully supported throughout their claim journey. We also have a specialist company, Property Consortium Drainage, for handling drainage and water services claims and repairs.

Partnering with Claims Consortium Group means that your customers can benefit from:

  • Comprehensive and transparent customer care: we handle claims 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each customer is allocated to a team responsible for their claim from start to finish.
  • Online real-time claims tracking: our innovative online tool, TrackMyClaim™, is available to all customers to track and manage the progress of claims and repairs in real time.
  • High standard of repairs: our network of contractors and surveyors is carefully selected through a stringent due diligence process. Our Claims Consortium Foundations initiative sets out the principles of working for the Group so that each and every supplier is working to the same high standards.
  • A 24-month guarantee on all repairs: this supports all the works that Claims Consortium Group completes at a property.