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Claims Consortium Group operates a UK-wide network of over 250 suppliers including skilled contractors and surveyors.

Our suppliers are one of our greatest assets. We work with them as partners and invest in their development to ensure that as a Group we’re providing a truly customer-centric offering.

The supplier application process is necessarily detailed for us to maintain our high customer service standards. We ensure all suppliers go through a rigorous due diligence process which includes regular quality and service audits.

Some of our suppliers have worked with us for over a decade, learning as we learn and growing as we grow. We’re always looking for new suppliers who share our vision of service excellence and customer focus. In return, suppliers can expect a good working relationship with Claims Consortium Group which is both enjoyable and profitable.

Every two years we hold our Supplier Conference, a one-day event which brings all our suppliers together. We look at industry topics and trends. We discuss how we work together and ways we can deepen our working relationship. And importantly, we look at how we can further improve the customer experience. You can watch highlights of our Supplier Conference 2016, themed ‘The Customer obsession’, in the video below.

We are committed to raising standards across the entire industry – we are in a unique position to see what works and what needs to change. Our Claims Consortium Foundations programme, launched in September 2014, is an industry-wide call to arms for better customer service.

Join the network

If you share our commitment to providing exceptional service to customers, there could be a place for you in our network of suppliers. We’d like to hear from you.

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