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Who we are

We are a leading pioneer in claims management, insurance technology, and weather data. Since our foundation in 1996, we’ve made it our mission to shake things up, revolutionise claims handling through novel solutions, and deliver a top-tier service. We’re all about defying convention, sparking innovation in a traditional sector, and relentlessly chasing customer service excellence.

Established expertise meets agile start up

Over our company’s dynamic history, we’ve evolved and diversified our offerings to meet demand. Thanks to our private ownership, we’re agile and free to adapt quickly to strategically future proof our business.

Our founder, Jeremy Hyams, is still at the helm, ensuring that we stay true to our roots and maintain our unique identity. We are not directed by external investors, but instead steer our own course, placing our people, our clients, and our pursuit of excellence at the heart of everything we do.

A legacy of excellence

Our passion for providing exceptional service has resulted in the delivery of an award-winning, effortless experience for all parties in a claim.

Our achievements are the byproduct of investing in our people and our constant focus on doing the right thing for our customers, clients and staff.

What really matters

Our culture and our values are embedded in our DNA and are central to day-to-day life at Claims Consortium Group. These were created by all staff and they reflect what matters most to us.

  • Our passion is contagious. We fizz enthusiasm and do everything we can to enable our colleagues to do their best.
  • We are pioneers in the insurance industry, and are never afraid to test ideas and set new standards – our teams are empowered to drive change. We both celebrate successes and ensure we learn from any mistakes.
  • Our community of colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, clients and local charities make us who we are. We work together as one team, and always have a reassuring arm to support each other. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.
  • Honesty and transparency have been the foundation blocks of the business from the beginning. We are passionate about doing the right thing for the right reason, and if we ever get it wrong we act fairly to put it right.

Social Responsibility

We are fully committed to giving back to our communities both locally and nationally, and to driving sustainable practice across our business and the industry. We support a wide range of charities with different initiatives throughout the year.

We also have our own sustainability brand with a dedicated eco-team that proactively works across all areas of the Group and our supply train to drive down our carbon footprint.

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