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Introducing TrackMyClaim®

TrackMyClaim® is a social media-style portal that gives a customer a complete view of their claim and facilitates open lines of communication with all service providers in the claims process.



  • Social media-style claims portal for customers
  • Real-time claims handling 24-7
  • Available via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Claims Consortium Group launched a social approach to claims handling called TrackMyClaim® in 2011. The software is also a stand-alone solution for organisations that want the benefits of a customer claims portal.

However TrackMyClaim® – which has seen some major enhancements in its capabilities – also features as the customer-facing part of Synergy®.

Customer-centric claims technology

TrackMyClaim® places the customer at the heart of a claim. It allows customers to track and manage their claim in real time, 24 hours a day. They do this through an online portal accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone – including a messaging app.

The platform reduces the effort a customer has to make when making a claim, and keeps them informed at all times. They can see schedules of all service providers working on their claim. An address book provides them with details of their entire ‘claims team’ to make contacting them really easy. And they never have to wonder what happens next – they’re kept informed at every stage through dynamic videos. You can read more about the benefits here.

When used in conjunction with Synergy® it provides ALL parties with a full view of activity on that claim. This is the ultimate way to reduce the claims lifecycle and improve customer satisfaction.