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Award winning weather data specialists trusted by Hollywood and over 90% of the UK Insurance Industry 

Founded in 1995 we are experts in delivering online weather applications, information, reports, consultancy and insight. WeatherNet uses its unique weather data assets, knowledge, and expertise to enable its customers to make better-informed business decisions. These insights help clients save money, deliver excellent service, and protect their reputation and brand.

A suite of unique data products and services

Trusted by over 90% of UK insurers, to help them verify, understand, predict, and mitigate weather damage. WeatherNet’s services are built on our unique urban-based weather station network and remotely sensed data. 

    • Over 400 billion weather records
    • Forecasting and surge prediction
    • Postcode level accuracy for claim validation
    • Better customer experience
    • Significantly reduced leakage

Power your business with data that has incomparable accuracy, reliability and discrimination.

Hollywood’s Weatherman

In addition to insurance, WeatherNet’s services are widely trusted across the TV & Film industries. Our resident movie meteorologist Dr Richard Wild, has worked on over 300 productions and counting. From Netflix specials to the biggest blockbusters – WeatherNet has been appointed on productions including the Oscar-winning “1917”, and the Harry Potter and James Bond franchises.

Severe weather causes one-fifth of UK losses (worth £1B)

Weather damage occurs somewhere in the UK on 90% of all days

Construction Services

WeatherNet aggregates hourly or daily weather data and presents it in clear, concise easily understandable graphical reports. This helps better estimate costs, reduce wastage, work safely and facilitates cleaner settlement of contractual disputes. We supply:

  • NEC Reports

    • JCT Reports
    • Downtime Reports
    • Weather Frequency Analysis
    • Environmental Report
  • Weather Forecast Application

Legal Services

WeatherNet provides legal weather services, historical weather data, forensic meteorologists and expert witness interpretation to the legal profession and all those involved in criminal or civil litigation. We can assist in all matters of forensic meteorology for legal related weather cases for the UK and worldwide.

Our data scientists produce CPR Legal Weather Reports, Non-CPR Legal Weather Reports and Certified Statements for the following clients:

  • Solicitors
  • Lawyers
  • Police Force
  • Barristers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • General Public

With the Met Office no longer providing legal weather reports and WeatherNet now an authorised supplier of Met Office weather data due to a recent agreed partnership with Met Office Inside, our legal weather reports for personal injury claims and road traffic accidents etc. have become increasingly valuable to our legal clients.

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