Sponsorship boost for anti-violence charity

20th October 2015

charity boost photo

Claims Consortium Group is set to renew its sponsorship relationship with Taunton charity Stand Against Violence for the 2nd year running. The company is committed to supporting the charity for a further year, and will donate £7000.

Group CEO Jeremy Hyams said: “The board approved unanimously to continue our support for Stand Against Violence. The small charity does excellent work in bringing an anti-violence message to schools.

“I believe our commitment to fundraising activities, volunteering and providing advice is as vital to the charity as our financial commitment. I am personally delighted to be involved, not only with our company but also as a non-executive director, and we’re all looking forward to a positive year ahead.”

Adam Fouracre, who established the charity following the tragic murder of his brother 10 years ago, believes the sponsorship will help the charity to reach out to more schools and young people over the coming year.

He said: “Securing business support particularly by way of monetary sponsorship is not just helpful but essential in this current financial climate. Grants are more restricted and funding is tight. Charities need to adopt a business approach which we do but unlike businesses who can afford the risk to take out loans and charge customers with the main intention to make a profit, charity does not have this option.

“Relying on business support offers huge benefits without which we would struggle. Businesses get out of charity partnership as much as they put in. Claims Consortium really maximise on their support as they don’t just donate but they also engage their staff team. It really does offer so much to businesses and this can be capitalised on as much as the business wants.

“Our relationship with Claims Consortium is a robust and supportive one and I hope that they get as much from it as we do.”