Managing Indemnity Spend in Escape of Water Claims

14th July 2021

“Be proactive rather than reactive. Smart technology will allow us to drive customer behaviour to encourage them to take control of their own journey. Enhancing their ability to say what’s next, reducing cost and enhancing the customer experience. – Work with customer to drive a proactive response.” John Pyall, Head of MGA Cockpit, Munich RE Group.

In association with the Insurance Post, Claims Consortium Group and Synergy Cloud held a webinar discussing how to manage indemnity spend in escape of water claims. During the discussion we talked about the positive impact technology can have on the customer journey and how creating transparency could empower both customers and insurers.

Jeremy and Jonathan Swift were joined by:

  • John Pyall, Munich RE Claims London
  • Stephen Walker, Covea Insurance
  • Robin Challand, AGEAS UK

If you’d like to hear more of the discussion, you can watch the webinar below:

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