Off Script Podcast: Rugby goals, kitchen roles and loss adjusting ambitions

4th July 2024

Welcome back to “Off Script” where Jeremy dives into the lives and careers of those who make his businesses tick. This episode features Josh Southwood, an Adjuster Technician with Claims Consortium Adjusting who brings a story of resilience and transformation that’s as inspiring as it is compelling.

Josh had a massive love for sport, and was on track to go pro in rugby. But fate had other plans—after playing an entire game with a cruciate ligament injury, he faced a gruelling recovery only to injure his other leg, putting his sporting dreams on hold. A subsequent road traffic accident sealed the fate of his contact sports aspirations, marking a tough period in his life.

Despite these setbacks, Josh’s spirit shone through and he pivoted to a kitchen porter role, started retraining at college, and weathered redundancy twice before finally starting at Claims Consortium Group. His next goal? To continue to grow and develop and become a fully-fledged adjuster. Tune into this episode for a tale of overcoming adversity, the power of perseverance, and a peek into the journey of a budding claims adjuster.

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