Advanced Weather Prediction: Claims Consortium Group, Ageas and WeatherNet’s Collaborative Effort

30th January 2024

Claims Consortium Group is at the forefront of technological innovation in weather risk management, demonstrating its leadership through a strategic partnership with Ageas UK and WeatherNet. This collaboration highlights our commitment to advancing weather prediction capabilities in the insurance industry. Ageas, a prominent Personal Lines insurer, has integrated WeatherNet’s SurgeCast application, setting a new benchmark in predicting the geographical impact of extreme weather events with remarkable accuracy.

Mitigating risks associated with extreme weather events

The rise in extreme weather incidents due to climate change has underscored the necessity for more sophisticated weather forecasting tools. Ageas, with WeatherNet’s state-of-the-art SurgeCast technology, leads the way in offering proactive support to those policyholders most at risk from severe weather. This initiative is not just about technological evolution; it represents our unwavering commitment to enhancing customer protection in an era of unpredictable weather patterns.

Stephen Linklater, Ageas Claims Director, emphasizes the importance of adapting to climate change and its impact on weather forecasting. “We are committed to leveraging technical innovations to better protect our customers from the disruptive impact of extreme weather events,” he states. Ageas’s use of SurgeCast exemplifies this approach, allowing for timely, informed responses and ensuring the preparedness of consultants and suppliers.

Steve Roberts, Managing Director at WeatherNet, explains the capabilities of SurgeCast: “This advanced system offers tailor-made weather forecasts for the postcodes of Ageas policyholders, updated frequently to provide the most current data.” Ageas’s pioneering approach in applying deep learning from historical weather data significantly enhances the accuracy of these predictions.

Ongoing development for weather prediction

As part of the ongoing collaboration within the Claims Consortium Group, WeatherNet continually refines its climate models and data analysis techniques in partnership with Ageas. This dynamic approach to weather prediction reflects our dedication to maintaining cutting-edge risk assessment strategies, ensuring the highest level of customer protection against extreme weather.

In summary, the partnership between Ageas, WeatherNet, and Claims Consortium Group marks a significant milestone in the insurance sector. This initiative showcases our group’s commitment to leveraging the latest in technology and data analysis for superior weather prediction and customer care, setting a new industry standard in weather risk management and resilience against the impacts of climate change.