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Introducing Synergy®

Synergy® is a multi-enterprise software platform that brings all parties involved in the claims process together in real time, to create efficiencies, reduce the claims lifecycle and improve customer service.

  • Allows multiple parties to collaborate on a claim
  • Eliminates inefficiencies
  • Provides end-to-end management information.

The future of workflow management, today

  • Synergy® allows service providers to manage their workflow in a completely seamless and efficient way.
  • It promotes collaboration and communication between all parties, eliminating the inefficiencies that can arise when processes are disjointed or isolated.
  • Multiple organisations can work together proactively, and visibly manage and combine schedules and knowledge.
  • The end customer can interact with all parties and see what is happening 24-7 through their own specific customer portal – TrackMyClaim®.
  • Insurers and brokers can see what’s happening at every stage and can monitor project milestones as well as track performance and costs, giving them a continual flow of valuable management information.

Other property service workflows

Synergy® was developed and tested in the property insurance sector. However it can also work in other environments where there is a project workflow including other property services, such as facilities management and social housing.

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