Claims Consortium Group’s Striking Performance at Stoke’s Business Fives Charity Football Event

22nd November 2023

We laced up our boots and took to the pitch at the Business Fives Charity Football England Event in Stoke this month. It was a great chance for a small team of people from across our business to show off their football skills (and fancy footwork) in a friendly competition for a good cause. It was a great day out for fun, team bonding, and of course, a bit of healthy competition – when it comes to having a good time and supporting great causes, we’re always ready to play our part!

A tale of triumphs, tumbles and takeaways…

The team spirit kicked off the night before the charity football event, with the Taunton crew gathering at Owen’s place for a pre-tournament Chinese takeaway, although breakfast was replaced instead by an impromptu game of charades at dawn courtesy of Owen’s 7-year-old daughter and unofficial team manager, Sydney!

On the pitch, the drama continued: James Hardy’s admirable commitment saw him face-plant into the wooden boards, resulting in a split lip and mild concussion. Meanwhile, Rob Keaney’s brief cameo, memorable for an air shot and a hasty exit post-phone call, added to the day’s stories.

Despite these challenges, our team’s resilience shone through! We topped our group and advanced to the Champions League group, securing a spot in the knockout phase. Our journey ended in the semi-finals with a narrow 2-1 loss to the eventual champions of the charity football event – a testament to our determination against teams with fresher legs!

The team from across the Group was made up of:

  • Ben Mear (Taunton office)
  • Tim Norman (Taunton office)
  • Tom Blundell (Taunton office)
  • Jay Leaver (Northampton office)
  • Scott Harris (Northampton office)
  • James Hardy (Stoke office)
  • Rob Keaney (Stoke office)

Business Fives charity football events offer football-loving professionals a chance to have fun, make new connections and raise money for worthy causes…

The five-a-side gatherings provide an opportunity for businesses to unite, enhancing team dynamics, concentrating on their corporate social responsibility, and forging new connections with fellow participants.

These mixed football events welcome participation from any business and are designed to accommodate all skill levels. The tournament is structured in tiers, ensuring that companies of comparable abilities can compete against each other. All participating businesses vie for a spot in the grand finals.

More information on Business Fives can be found here. You can find out about other charity events and corporate social responsibility initiatives across the Group here.