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Social Responsibility

At Claims Consortium Group we are committed to making a positive contribution to our community through charity fundraising, consideration for our environment and looking after the welfare of our team of almost 250 staff and our UK-wide supplier network.

Staff welfare

Claims Consortium Group is proud to have gained the nationally-recognised Investors in People accreditation (IIP).

In the words of an independent IIP assessor in 2013:

“… an environment that is based on openness, trust and respect between all colleagues; enables people to feel engaged in bringing about improvement and empowered with decision making that will deliver higher levels of customer service. Your imaginative use of incentives and a culture that recognises achievement ensures that people feel valued for their efforts.

“I found all of your staff to be extremely enthusiastic about their work and your company – they share a real desire to give your customers the best possible service and also to support their colleagues in their endeavours.”

We aim to maintain an active social calendar for staff incorporating a mix of charity, sport and purely social events. We reward staff and our suppliers during busy times to maintain motivation, and we always ensure that the health and welfare of our people is placed over and above the needs of the business.

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Charity work

We are main sponsors of Somerset-based charity Stand Against Violence (SAV), which aims to reduce youth violence by equipping young people with the skills and tools to defuse potentially violent situations.

Our sponsorship provides strategic funding to support a series of SAV’s youth workshops and educational events.

Stand Against Violence

We are supporters of Taunton Association for the Homeless, Somerset’s largest charitable organisation which helps homeless people and those at risk of homelessness. We offer assistance to the homeless with preparation for job interviews – conducting mock interviews and providing training though a bespoke IT module created by our IT team.

Additionally we regularly host and take part in many fundraisers. Most recently these have included fundraising events for charities including the British Heart Foundation, Nepal earthquake Appeal, Soi Dog Foundation, Hope for Food, Insurance Charities and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Environmental policy

Claims Consortium Group operates an environmental policy conforming to the requirements of ISO14001 that forms the framework for minimising our environmental impact.

Our policy focuses on the reduction of use of paper in the office, waste recycling, reduction on energy use (including motion sensor lighting). We also run a successful company Car Share Scheme.

Modern Slavery

Claims Consortium Group takes its responsibilities in respect of modern slavery and human trafficking seriously. We are committed to playing our small part in eradicating this modern day scourge, which has been described as criminality hidden in plain sight. Government research recently concluded that it costs the UK economy £4 billion annually.

We present our 1st June 2018 – 31st May 2019 statement as required by section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The Board of Claims Consortium Group endorsed this report at its meeting on 5th September 2019.

As Chief Executive Officer I am proud to present this public statement of our position. We fully intend this to be a living policy that informs our culture and development and it will be updated regularly.

If you wish to ask anything about the content of this statement, I have provided my contact details below and I will be pleased to hear from you.

We are a claims handling company. We allow Insurance companies to outsource all or some of their claims handling functions to us. Our services include, Third Party Administration, Loss Adjusting, Managed Repairs, Surveyor Validation, Drainage and Water Services Management, Subsidence Management and Third Party Motor Claims Negotiations. We employ over 250 staff and also utilise the services of third party supply chains who carry out activities throughout the UK.

Our customer base is made up of large and small insurance companies throughout the UK.

Our Parent Company is Property Consortium (Holdings) Limited, based in the UK. Other subsidiaries owned by our Parent Company are Property Consortium UK Limited; Property Consortium Drainage Limited; Buildings Claims Services Limited; Claims Consortium Adjusting Limited and Digital Claims Services Limited all of which are based in the UK.

The nature of our activities means that we rely significantly on our supply chain in one area of our business. We rely heavily on the use of freelance surveyors and building contractors. However, all freelance surveyors and sub-contractors are subject to a vigorous due diligence process before they are vetted to ensure that they adopt and adhere to our own employment principles which in turn comply with the Dhaka Principles, thus trying to minimise the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Of course, we are limited in the level of verification we can undertake – particularly in respect of purchased items emanating from secondary sources. This is something we are currently reviewing to ascertain whether there are additional measures we might usefully engage. We will report further in our next annual statement.

During our investigations we have not identified any risks of modern slavery or human trafficking within areas of our organisation or our supply chain. We would therefore describe our overall risk level as low.

We operate a legally compliant, planned approach to procurement and payment. We also ensure that our organisation and its staff observe the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010.

As part of our due diligence with suppliers, we attempt to ascertain that no product/material/service we purchase or labour used has been subject to slavery, exploitation, coercion or human trafficking.

Whilst our ability to verify such assurances is, reasonably limited, where we discover infringements or have reason to disbelieve assurances we have received, we will review our relationship with that supplier.

We also operate due diligence provisions in respect of our own operations. Any area of our activity which carries the risk of modern slavery or human trafficking is subject to a specific risk assessment. We have undertaken 87 risk assessments in the past 12 months, none of which led to the discovery of modern slavery / human trafficking issues.

We acknowledge that seasonal work can present particular risks; especially where migrant labour is used. This is a low risk area for our organisation. We do occasionally rely on seasonal workers during our busy periods. However, we always ensure that everyone we engage has the legal right to work in the UK. Our employee handbook reflects our commitment always to employ people in a legally compliant manner.

We have investigated to find out the percentage of our supply chain’s staff who are employed on temporary or seasonal contracts and the associated risks with suppliers using migrant labour for materials / products / services etc. sourced from known “risk” countries or sectors. We have no suppliers using migrant workers or services.

In terms of our suppliers, we encountered no examples of modern slavery / human trafficking in the past 12 months.

One of the most important ingredients of a successful business is undoubtedly its staff. We have already commented on our commitment to legally compliant terms and conditions of employment. We uphold the highest standards in our human resources policies and practices.

Our recruitment and promotion policy enshrines a modern slavery and human trafficking guarantee. No member of staff is subject to forced labour or coercion: every member of staff enjoys 100% legally compliant employment.

We provide clear guidance to staff about tackling bribery and corruption. We operate specific provisions through which they can confidentially report any concern or “blow the whistle”. We promote equality and diversity and have adopted measures to deal with any instances of intimidation, bullying or harassment. All members of staff have access to our grievance procedure.

Provisions such as these not only reflect our commitment to the highest employment standards; they can also play an important supportive role in our opposition to modern slavery and human trafficking.

To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery, we have delivered training to all of our staff within the last 12 months. Our intention is to continue providing such training to all staff on an annual basis. In addition, our suppliers are expected to complete compliance training on an annual basis.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our Group’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the finance year ending 31st May 2019.


Jeremy Hyams
Chief Executive Officer

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